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As a news reporter and editor since 1985, I have written thousands of published articles and blogs. I have researched and written for large-circulation newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs and websites, including the Boston Globe. My articles are very well written with highly effective leads. The news writing reads and flows well. The articles are also extremely accurate, well researched and thorough, intelligent and with quotes that are always in context. Misquotes or misinformation virtually never occurs. And they are interesting to read. I will work hard to give you the best news writing possible.



I have written about business, history, finance, politics, government, science, technology and numerous other subjects. To view some of my articles, see my Writing Samples page.


High-quality news or blog writing is fifteen cents per word. So 500 words is $75. There are no other charges. This includes all research.



For large projects I often charge less.



And revisions are free for everything I do. So if you want changes after I send it to you, I will do it free.


Feel free to call 978.967.7579 anytime. You may send me an e-mail at



I hope to hear from you soon.

John Pike