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I provide outstanding editing and proofreading for all manuscripts. I will work hard to give you the best copy possible.

There is a difference between proofreading and editing, with each having its own price. Proofreading corrects the rules of English, including punctuation, spelling, grammar and syntax.



Excellent proofreading is four cents per word. So 1,000 words is $40. For large projects, I often charge less per word.

High-quality editing includes all of proofreading, but with me it goes far beyond that. I make it extremely well written. It will read and flow well. Every word, sentence and paragraph is closely examined. Paragraphs are moved around if required. Unparalleled editing is ten cents per word. So 500 words is $50.



And again, for large projects, I often charge less per word.

Moreover, revisions are free for everything I do. So if you want changes after I sent it to you, I will do it free.



I write, edit and proofread in all style formats, including APA, AMA, Chicago, MLA and AP.



Feel free to call 978.967.7579 anytime. You may send me an e-mail at


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