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I create admission essays and personal statements of the highest quality. For years I have been writing application essays virtually every day and have learned what the admission committees seek in a candidate. I will work hard to give you the best representation possible. And just in case, revisions are free for everything I do. So if you want changes after I send it to you, I will do it free.

We will work together to find and highlight your positive attributes and demonstrate you are an excellent candidate. And if necessary, we will explain in a positive way any negatives you may have in your background. I will also provide suggestions as to what should be included and avoided. This is an interactive process. We can use only your information, which I highly recommend, or include some my own, whichever you prefer. It works out well.

Moreover, the essay will be extremely well written and interesting to read. It will be among the best-written essays they receive. The essay will read and flow well. Every punctuation mark, word, sentence and paragraph will be closely examined. They will regard you as an outstanding writer.

High-quality writing for university admission and application essays, and personal statements is thirty cents per word. So 500 words is $150. There are no other charges and includes all work I perform learning about your background.

For large projects, I often charge less per word.

The applications often state how many words (or characters) they expect.

For ten cents per word, I can edit essays you have written. So 500 words is $50. Editing includes all of proofreading, but with me goes way beyond that. I will significantly improve the writing. Proofreading is four cents per word and includes punctuation, spelling, grammar and syntax.

Sample essays provided upon request.

Feel free to call 978.967.7579 anytime. You may send me an e-mail at

I hope to hear from you soon.

John Pike